MonKota Gaming recognizes the importance of up-to-date machines in your business.  New monitors, printers and chipsets are some of the quick and easy solutions in keeping your customers comfortable and fulfilled.  In the end, keeping them at your current machine increases YOUR profits!

MonKota Gaming provides VLC machines, VLC parts and repair work for the VLC’s.  MonKota Gaming is a JCM distributor, and has built a LCD monitor for the VLC machines.  The parts we have are:

  • Main Logic
  • Memm/Comm
  • PCM
  • I/O
  • Power Supply
  • JCM bill acceptor
  • 19″ LCD monitor for woods & casinos
  • Starr Printer
  • NCR Printer

Studies have shown that clean, up-to-date machines increase game play.  Something as simple as a new monitor or bill acceptor can increase YOUR profits and customer play.  Let MonKota Gaming help!

Ph: (605) 878-2200

716 W Kemp
Watertown, SD 57201

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